What are Chiloids?Edit

Chiloids are a new type of Vocaloids in Japan. They have their own exciting anime about love, life, death, and powers. Each Chiloid is very unique in their own way. All of the official Chiloids are: Meroko, Nagi, Kazumi, Mitsuki, Lilou, Akane, Myst, Anise, Daichi, Kazuo, Yoru, Reon, Miki Ran, Riko, and Akiko.

Meroko official drawing

The Story is almost completely on Meroko.

The main subjects on Chiloids are: Love-Almost every Chiloid has a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend. There is jealousy between many Chiloids because of love. Life-Almost every Chiloid is hanging on to their life.

What are Chiloids?Edit

Chiloids are a new type of Vocaloid. They have their own anime and comic strips. Official Chiloids are the Chiloids that are created and voiced in the ChiloidStudios and adopted (published) by the ChiloidStudios. The only Official Chiloids are; Meroko, Nagi, Kazumi, Mitsuki, Lilou, Yoru, Daichi, Anise, Akane, Myst, and Kazuo.

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